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4. A ___ shirt and a bowling shirt have collars; a T-shirt has no collar.
6. Most shirts have short ___s or long ___s.
7. ___ is a color that wears well with all other colors.
8. Your belt goes through the ___s on your pants.
10. Most slacks have four ___s.
11. A well-dressed man wears a ___ and ___s his shoes.
13. Do you want to rent or lease this one-bedroom ___?
16. Some people turn the ___ up on their shirt to prevent sunburn on their neck.
17. Larry King is a popular TV host; he wears suspenders instead of a ___.
20. Your ___ is the first thing you put on in the morning.
21. Trousers, pants, and ___ usually look better with a nice belt.


1. He ___ed up his gray slacks and buttoned them.
2. He un___d his belt after he ate the huge dinner.
3. Always check your collar to make sure it ___s flat.
5. Your collar is wrinkled; press down on it so it lies ___.
6. He broke a ___ while he was tying it. He had to put on a different pair of shoes.
7. Sooner or later, one or more ___ on your shirt will come loose and fall off.
9. He couldn't see anything while he pulled his shirt ___ his head.
12. I keep my driver's license and credit cards in my ___.
14. His shirts and slacks were hanging in his ___.
15. Before he went to work, he looked in the ___ to make sure he looked okay.
18. ___ your shirt into your pants so you don't look like a slob.
19. I keep my car ___ in my right front pocket and my wallet in my back right pocket.