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1. People gather in the ___ room to watch TV and chat with each other.
5. A cat can ___ a tree while a dog cannot. It can only bark at the cat in the tree.
7. Take a few ___s to pick up all the junk on the floor before you start to vacuum.
11. People usually vacuum their ___s once a week.
13. You have to ___ in your vacuum cleaner before you can turn it on.
16. Even though we are in the computer age, we are still using paper ___s.
17. There are four ___ sockets in my living room--one socket in each ___.
19. I borrowed my neighbor's vacuum cleaner Thursday, but I ___ it yesterday.
20. Cats love to sit on the back of a ___ and look out the window.
21. When you use a vacuum cleaner, you will go back and ___ until the carpet is clean.
22. Most vacuum cleaners have very long cords; you don't have to unplug the cord from the wall ___ until you're finished vacuuming.


2. Dyson probably makes the best ___ cleaner in the world, but it's expensive ($400 and up).
3. Before you vacuum, pick up all the little ___s on your floor and carpet, especially rubber bands and paper clips.
4. My cat likes to sit on the back of my couch and look out the ___ at the birds.
5. Buy a vacuum ___ that has tools so you can reach cobwebs on the ceiling.
6. His wife gave him a ___ of chocolates because he vacuumed the living room carpet.
8. He ___ed the bottom of the vacuum cleaner to see why it wasn't working properly.
9. The cat jumped onto the kitchen ___ when it heard the vacuum cleaner start.
10. She took the vacuum cleaner out of the ___ closet and plugged it in to the living room wall socket.
12. ___ bands and paper clips can cause problems for a vacuum cleaner.
14. Plug the vacuum cleaner in, and then turn on the ___.
15. Rubber ___s come in many colors and sizes; many of them stretch a l-o-n-g way.
16. A bedroom without a ___ for clothes is like a bathroom without a sink.
18. You should go ___ and forth with your vacuum cleaner to make sure you're picking up all the dirt.