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5. People usually eat breakfast in the morning and dinner in the ___.
7. If you cut something in ___, you cut it in half.
8. Do you have a bike? Do you ___ it every day? Do you like to ___ it?
10. If you ride your bike on ___ roads, your bike will get ___y. (And so will you!)
11. Did someone use bolt ___ters to ___ his lock in two?
12. He had a brand ___ bike. He locked it up with a brand ___ lock.
13. Bicyclists should not ride their bikes on ___s. ___s are for people to walk on.
15. It's more difficult to ride a bike up a steep ___ than up a gradual ___.
17. Many buildings have bike ___s outside for riders to park or lock their bikes.
18. A. I like your brand new bike. How much did it ___? B. It was on sale. It only ___ $300.
19. Some car drivers try to run bike riders off the ___. They think the ___s are only for cars, not bikes.
20. A ___ bike has special tires and a strong frame for rough rides in the ___s.


1. Thieves will steal a ___ new bike. They usually won't steal a dirty old bike.
2. Mountain bikes have 10 or more ___s. Riders can shift from one ___ to another ___. Some bikes don't have any ___s at all.
3. ___ riders should always wear a helmet in case they fall off their ___s.
4. A ___ hill is difficult to climb. A gradual hill is easy to climb. (Stairs are always ___.)
5. Mountain bikes can go anywhere and ___--on the sidewalks, on the roads, and in the hills and mountains.
6. His bike was gone. His bike lock was cut in two. It was lying on the ___.
9. Thieves can steal a bike even if it has a very strong and expensive ___ on it.
14. Do thieves go into a ___ and read books? Or do they hang around outside a ___ and steal bikes?
16. If you buy a ___ lock and a thief cuts it in two, you need to buy a ___er lock. Weak locks do not protect bikes from thieves.