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1. Simple foods can taste as ___ as prepared foods. A fresh juicy orange is just as ___ as a turkey dinner.
4. Coffee cups have ___s so you can hold them, but glasses and plates don't.
6. Toast usually ___s up when the toast is done.
8. When you spread butter on ___ toast, the butter melts immediately.
9. She ___ed down on the toaster handle to start toasting the bagel.
13. She took the bagel out of the toaster and ___ed both slices with real ___, not with margarine.
14. When people see a pretty ___, they often buy the food or product inside the ___.
19. A blender, toaster, and ___ are popular kitchen items for preparing food.
21. A cracker isn't ___, but caramel candy is. (So is chewing gum.)
22. A ___ has two or four slots for toasting bread, bagels, and pop tarts.


2. Don't drink steaming hot coffee; wait for it to ___ down (or you'll burn your mouth).
3. It takes only ___ to heat many foods and beverages in a microwave.
5. Many people like to ___ cookies, bread, or bagels into milk or coffee.
7. The smell of ___ or bacon is the smell of breakfast.
10. If your hand ___s or the knife ___s, you will cut your finger. (You might even cut your finger off, so be careful!)
11. A toasted bagel tastes good when it gets ___ after you dunk it in your coffee.
12. Most people keep their knives, forks, and spoons in a kitchen ___.
13. A ___ looks a little bit like a doughnut, but a bagel is chewy and not sweet.
15. Be very careful with a sharp ___. It might slip when you are cutting a bagel.
16. Tuck your ___tips out of the way when you are slicing food with a sharp knife.
17. She put two ___s of bread into the toaster.
18. A ___er changes two slices of plain bread into two pieces of hot ___.
20. She washed the apple and then ___ into it with her front teeth.