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4. You can check the lottery numbers on TV or at a web site ___. Many people go ___ to surf the web.
6. A. Life is ___ when you are a millionaire. B. Life is better than ___; it's fantastic! I have a ___ idea--let's play the lottery.
8. He wanted to buy a ___ so he could go deep-sea fishing.
9. Did he ___ up and down when he won the lottery?
10. Did he want to buy a new ___ with his lottery money? Was he going to buy a Cadillac or a Honda?
12. Did the ___s on his ticket match the ___s online? Did his Mega ___ match the Mega ___?
14. He used to be poor, but now he was ___. He was filthy ___!
17. He paid $1 for his lottery ___. His ___ had all the right numbers. Now he didn't care if he got a parking ___ or a speeding ___.
19. He jumped ___ and down when he won millions of dollars.
20. Many liquor ___s sell liquor, cigarettes, and lottery tickets.
21. ___ is a popular man's name. Other forms of ___ are Sam and Samuel.


1. Is your ___ great? Or does your ___ suck? (I hope not!) Would your ___ be a lot better if you won the lottery? ___ is for living, as they say.
2. Does every state have a million-dollar ___? SuperLotto, Mega Millions, and Powerball are ___ games.
3. "___" means 1 million. If you win a ___ lottery, you win millions of dollars.
5. Do ___ stores sell alcohol to people who are under 21? (They'd better not!)
7. Will you jump up and ___ if you win the lottery? If you jump too hard, maybe you will fall ___.
11. His ticket was ___ $41 million before taxes, but it was ___ only $27 after taxes. If you win the Mega, you will be ___ your weight in gold.
13. "Kilo" means one thousand; "mega" means one ___. If you win NY's Mega ___s game, you'll win ___s of dollars.
15. He was so ___ when he won the lottery. He wasn't sad or un___.
16. He was going to buy a five-bedroom ___ with an ocean view. He wanted his new home to have a guest ___, too.
17. Federal and state ___ reduce your lottery winnings by more than 33 percent.
18. A. Was the ___ who worked in the liquor store an honest man? B. No, but after he stole the ticket, the ___ was a rich man.