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3. She ___ped the carrot into little pieces.
4. We see ___ skies and ___ oceans, but we don't see very much ___ food (except ___berries).
6. She took the knife out of the kitchen ___.
9. She took the carrot out of the vegetable bin in her ___.
11. She has three ___s--a cat, a small dog, and a rabbit.
12. She ___ the carrot on the plate and then ___ the plate on the floor.
14. She ___ed the skin off the carrot.
16. Many people don't eat the ___ of carrots, potatoes, or cucumbers.
18. She cut the carrot in half and put the two ___ on the plate.
20. She ___d a little salt onto her carrot.


1. She put the plate on the ___ so the rabbit could eat the carrot.
2. She put the carrot on the blue ___ and the carrot skin on the white ___.
3. A ___ is an orange vegetable that people and rabbits like to eat.
5. Many people report seeing a bright ___ light just before they almost died.
7. A ___ is a cute little animal with big ears; it hops around and likes to eat carrots. (Think of Bugs Bunny.)
8. A little ___ is necessary for good health; it also improves the taste of food. But too much ___ is bad for your health.
10. He puts a lot of salt on ___ he eats. He's going to get high blood pressure.
13. Salt and pepper shakers sit on most dining room ___s and restaurant ___s.
14. A ___ is a good tool for removing the skin from potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.
15. She chopped off both ___ of the carrot and gave the ___ to her rabbit.
17. A sharp ___ is an important tool in the kitchen.
19. She put the carrot skins on the plate and put the plate on the floor. The rabbit ___ over to the plate.