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1. Use blue or black ink to fill out this application ___.
3. She had to fill out a ___ of forms when she wanted to adopt a baby.
4. At first she was going to adopt one baby; then she decided to adopt ___ babies.
6. She wanted to adopt a baby ___ and a baby boy.
7. She has ___ money to raise two kids and pay for their college.
9. Most people prefer to adopt a little ___; they don't want to adopt a child or a teenager.
10. ___ agencies all over the world will help you find a little baby to adopt.
13. She wants to adopt two babies--a baby ___ and a baby girl.
14. A single man or a single ___ can adopt a baby.
16. A house without ___ running around and playing is an empty house.
17. She said she didn't mind ___ing. She would ___ for a year to adopt the two babies.


2. She had enough ___ to raise two kids and put them through college.
3. A. How ___ will I have to wait? B. Oh, you won't have to wait too ___--not ___er than a year.
5. My best ___ didn't have to wait very long. She only waited six months to adopt a baby.
8. I'm too ___ to have my own baby, but I'm not too ___ to adopt a baby.
10. She went to an adoption ___ to see if she could adopt a baby.
11. A. Am I ___ old to adopt a baby? B. If you are less than 50 years old, you aren't ___ old.
12. I was the only child in my ___. I want to start a new ___. My new ___ will have at least two children.
15. A. How long will I have to wait? B. You ___ have to wait 6 months. You ___ have to wait 12 months. We never know for sure.