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1. "I'm on a sea___ diet. When I see ___, I eat it." (That's a joke. English is so cool!)
2. The first ___ I drank beer, I didn't like it. But now I like it.
5. I ___ to buy food that expires the next day. I feel cheated.
7. A. How do you get ___ of the brown spots? B. You have to cut them out with a knife.
8. Did you ___ out all the spoiled food? You should ___ it into the trash can.
11. ___ is a leafy green vegetable. It is part of a BLT--a bacon, ___, and tomato sandwich.
15. At first, ___s are green. Then they turn yellow. Then they turn brown. Eat ___s when they're yellow.
16. An ___ has a big seed in it. The seed is about as big as a golf ball. An ___ grows on big, tall trees.
17. ___ do you want to eat--at a fast food restaurant or at home?
18. After he cut ___ the avocado, he saw brown spots in it. He ___ed the frig and took another avocado out of it.


1. Many people shop at farmer's markets because they want ___ produce. They don't want spoiled or rotten produce.
3. They ate the whole chicken. They didn't eat the beak or the claws, but they ate ___ else. Nothing was left except the beak and claws.
4. When I start my diet, I will say ___ to all my extra pounds. I will say hello to a thinner me.
6. A. Which ___ do you prefer--a Red Delicious ___ or a Granny Smith ___? B. Neither. I prefer an orange.
9. Did he cut ___ all the brown spots and then throw them ___?
10. You can't ___ out the brown spots unless you have a sharp knife.
12. This fruit is rotten. I'm going to take it ___ to the store and get my money ___.
13. Throw the avocado seed in the ___ can with the banana peel. Then throw out the ___.
14. You often see brown ___s on banana skins, but the banana itself has no brown ___s.
15. An avocado has a big, ___ seed. Many nuts are ___. Do you prefer white rice or ___ rice?