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1. For some people, the swine flu is more ___ than ordinary flu. Those people get very sick and die.
6. Rush Limbaugh is a famous (some people say "dangerous") radio talk ___ host. His 3-hour talk ___ is on 5 days a week.
7. Because the swine flu is so dangerous, the government is giving certain people ___ shots. They don't have to pay for the shots.
8. Do you ___ TV? Do you like to ___ the news? Do you ___ health reports on TV?
9. He said he was as healthy as a ___. But sometimes ___s get sick. They shoot sick ___s.
12. There are many ___ show hosts on radio and on TV. Their ___ shows are popular.
14. Some people don't ___ about getting colds or the flu from sick people. They don't even try to protect themselves.
17. A ___ disease causes many deaths. Cancer is a ___ disease.
18. The most famous radio talk show ___ in the U.S. is Rush Limbaugh. He makes $20 million a year.


2. I have some good ___ and some bad ___. I'll tell you the bad ___ first. You have the swine flu.
3. He didn't want to go to the doctor's ___ to get a free shot.
4. Most people get the flu during the winter ___s--December, January, and February.
5. ___ people exercise more, eat less, and wash their hands more often than un___ people.
6. People stood in lines for hours to get their free flu ___s.
8. If you get the flu, you'll probably be sick for only a couple of ___s.
10. Do they call it the ___ flu because they think it came from pigs?
11. Did he get ___ because he didn't get a flu shot? How long before he is healthy again?
13. I can't get a flu shot right now. How about if I get it a little bit ___?
15. If you turn on your ___, you'll hear a lot of news, a lot of talk shows, and a lot of commercials.
16. There's ordinary ___ every winter, and there's the swine ___ this year.