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4. Century 21 is a ___ clothing store. It's always crowded. It's always busy.
6. Many people ___ cheap things at popular stores.
7. Most dress shoes are made of ___. Many jackets and coats are made from ___, too.
8. Jackets and coats keep you ___ on cold winter days.
10. A wool ski ___ will keep your head and ears warm.
13. Wear layers of warm ___ when you go outside in cold weather.
14. She bought a pair of fur-lined ___s to keep her feet warm on cold days.
15. I love this jacket. And the ___ is right, too, so I can afford it.
16. Everyone has a favorite ___ where they buy clothes. Her favorite ___ is Century 21.


1. A ___ store is a popular store. An empty store is an unpopular store.
2. She ___ed the cap down over her ears. She ___ed on her winter boots.
3. The store was ___ because it was almost closing time. Almost all the shoppers had left.
5. Always ___ the receipt when you buy something. You might not want to ___ the item. You need the receipt to return the item.
6. Century 21 sells quality clothes at ___ prices. You will find many ___s at Century 21.
8. When ___ comes, wear your heavy clothing. When summer comes, wear your shorts.
9. Her ___ loves her because she's a smart shopper. She finds great bargains for him at Century 21.
10. ___ 21 is the name of a popular clothing store in Manhattan. There are 100 years in a ___.
11. The ___ price of an item is always more expensive than the sale price.
12. Wear ___s or mittens in cold weather to keep your hands warm.