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1. My ___ is a nurse; my brother is a doctor.
6. My sister is ___; my brother is divorced.
7. I'm going to be single forever. ___ one loves me; ___ one wants to marry me.
9. You can't ___ a husband or boyfriend if you stay home all the time.
10. ___ loves to play golf; Mama loves to read books at home.
11. ___ is the world's best cook. I grew up on her cooking.
13. Don't ___ if you can't find a boyfriend. You will find one when you least expect to.
14. How can I get a husband when I don't ___ have a boyfriend? How can I get a boyfriend when I can't ___ get a date?
16. If I don't find a boyfriend in one ___, I give up. I'll be patient for 12 months, and then I will give up.
17. I want to find a man who will love me ___ and be with me ___. I don't want to be single ___.


1. Don't worry. You will find ___ who loves you and wants to marry you.
2. I ___ I'll be single forever. I don't ___ I'll ever get married.
3. You'll find a husband ___ you stop looking for one. ___ you look too hard for a husband, you never find one.
4. I wish I were ___. Men chase ___ women. They don't chase ugly women.
5. How can I find a husband? I have to have a ___ before I can have a husband. But I'm nobody's girlfriend.
8. I'm getting ___er and ___er every year. Pretty soon I'll be too ___ to get married and have kids.
10. I met a nice man. He asked me out on a ___. Maybe we will have another ___ after this one. Then maybe we will become boyfriend and girlfriend.
11. No one will ever ___ me. I'm not pretty enough or young enough. I'll never be a wife or mom.
12. Of ___ someone will marry you! You are smart and kind. You will make a wonderful wife.
15. You can't just wait for the right ___ to come along. You have to go out and find Mr. Right!