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 13      14           


1. I finally ___ed reading that book. I started reading it two months ago!
3. My computer makes ___. My fan makes ___. My refrigerator makes ___. Nothing is quiet.
4. Times Square in New York City is at Broadway and 42nd ___.
6. A hospital is usually a ___ place. There is not much noise.
9. Birds live in ___s. Birds make nests in ___s.
10. It's hard to concentrate when your neighbor's TV or music is too ___.
12. Did the painters get any white spots on Mark's dark blue 2-door ___?
13. The air conditioner makes a ___ noise. An electric fan makes a ___ noise. A tea kettle doesn't make a ___ noise.
15. The water heater is in the basement. Let's go ___ to look at it.
16. Most colors have three shades--for example, light blue, medium blue, and ___ blue.
17. Does a house look better after a ___ paints the house with fresh paint?


1. He painted the wooden ___ that separated his yard from his neighbor's yard.
2. He moved into a new one-bedroom ___. The walls in the ___ smelled of fresh paint.
4. Did he see tiny white paint ___s from the painters on his dark blue car?
5. A blue whale is huge; a black ant is ___.
7. The kitchen and living room are downstairs; the bedrooms and bathrooms are ___.
8. ___s sit on telephone wires and in trees. Then they fly through the air.
11. It's freezing cold ___, but it's nice and warm inside.
13. A ___ gun makes painting faster and easier. It's better than a paint brush.
14. A painter knocked on the ___. He wanted to paint the apartment.