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2. There is a golf tournament somewhere every ___ of the year.
5. If you want to become a good golfer, you can go to church and ___, or you can get golf lessons.
6. Do you___ to get golf lessons if you want to become a good golfer?
8. There are thousands of ___ amateur golfers, but "___" is not ___ enough to become a professiona golfer.
9. ___ amateur golfers want to become professionals, but few succeed.
10. He can't play on the professional golf tour ___ he isn't good enough.
15. They canceled the golf tournament. It ___ed hard all day. Puddles were everywhere.
16. Tiger Woods is the best ___ in the world. No other ___ can play the game like Tiger.
17. He isn't playing well in this week's tournament. Maybe he will play well in ___ week's tournament.


1. His golf game gets better every year. His scores ___ every year.
2. A. ___ is Tiger Woods the world's best golfer? B. Because he believes in himself.
3. Golf is a fun game for good players and ___ players.
4. Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was ___ two years old.
7. A. How long does it ___ to learn golf? B. It ___s a lifetime.
10. My ___ loves to play golf. He lets us go home early on Fridays so he can go play golf.
11. A. You have a very nice golf ___. B. I ___ the club well because I received golf lessons when I was young.
12. A. What do you ___ to be when you grow up? B. I ___ to be the greatest golfer in the world.
13. Can you ___ me? I lost my golf ball. Can you ___ me find it?
14. Is Tiger Woods the number ___ golf player in the world?