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2. Do you ___ everything your friends tell you? Sometimes they lie to you.
4. He was ___. He had been drinking beer all day long.
7. Many people like to drink alcohol. Whiskey, wine, and ___ are popular drinks.
9. Did he ___ all his empty beer cans onto the floor of his truck?
10. Some people prefer beer in bottles; some people prefer beer in ___s.
11. His truck hit a police ___ at the intersection. The policeman arrested him.
13. Did he ___ 12 cans of beer every day? (Was he an alcoholic?)
14. He threw all the ___ beer cans onto the floor of his truck.
16. He didn't see the red light; he didn't see the police car, ___.
18. Where could a ___ put his feet? The floor on the ___ side of the truck was covered with empty beer cans.
19. He hated jail because there wasn't any beer to drink. There was only ___ to drink.
20. Many empty beer cans were on the passenger ___ of the truck.


1. He didn't see the red light at the ___. All ___s have traffic lights or signs.
3. Most intersections have stop signs or traffic ___s. The ___s are red, yellow, and green.
4. Did he like to get drunk every ___ of the week?
5. He told his ___s that he never got drunk. His pals didn't believe him.
6. The ___man in the ___ car arrested him for drinking and driving.
8. He drove his pickup ___ everywhere while he drank beer.
12. Drunk drivers kill others when they go through the ___ light at an intersection.
15. Don't drink and ___. Ask a friend to ___ your car for you, or call a cab. Or wait until you're sober.
16. Did he drink 12 cans of beer ___ day of the week?
17. The policeman took him to ___. He was locked in a ___ cell.