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1. ___s are so pretty. They sing pretty songs. They fly through the air.
3. A. What time is your ___? B. My ___ leaves at 7:20. I'm on Delta ___ Number 212.
6. Plane passengers get ___ when their flight is canceled.
7. LAX is the short name for the Los Angeles ___. Most major cities in the world have an ___. Security is tight at all major ___s.
8. Passenger planes have tiny ___s, but they're usually clean and they usually don't smell.
12. At the airport, you stand in lines. You're ahead of people in line or you're ___ people in line.
13. The pilot in charge of an airplane is the ___.
14. Can you ___ for me to use the bathroom? I'll be right back.
16. ___ had to get off the plane because there was a bomb threat. ___ was angry about the delay.
17. Everyone in line at the airport is ___ of standing in lines that barely move.


2. The plane got to the end of the ___ and soared into the sky.
3. It's much quicker to ___ across the country than to drive.
4. Did the flight ___ ask everyone on the plane to fasten their seatbelts?
5. The man went into the airplane bathroom and ___ed the door.
7. Most people go into an airplane bathroom ___, but sometimes two people go in together.
9. The flight attendant ___ed on the bathroom door, but no one answered.
10. Were the passengers ___ting in their seats? Was the airplane ___ting on the ground?
11. Do terrorists want to blow up all the world's passenger ___s?
15. When you stand in line at the airport, many people are ___ of you and many people are behind you.