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3. Did the doctor ask you to pee in a plastic ___?
5. Nurse to patient: Go into the bathroom with this plastic cup and fill it with your ___. Then bring the ___ sample to me.
7. You are as healthy as a horse. There is absolutely ___ wrong with you.
9. ___ing up and down stairs is good exercise. You can also take a ___ around the block.
10. I will get a ___ sample using this needle. The doctor will send this sample of your ___ to the lab.
11. A. Can you get a ___ of my blood without using a needle? I would like that. B. Of course not! But I'll be gentle.
14. The elevator isn't working right now in the hospital, so we have to take the ___ to the third floor.
15. What's the ___ with me? Why am I so tired all the time? What's my problem?
18. She didn't ___ the doctor. She ___d that exercising would make her MORE tired, not less tired. Can you ___ that?
19. Does your butt hurt after you ___ your bike for a long time?
20. Ride your ___ around town, or use an exercise ___. Either way, the exercise is good for you.


1. I can't find anything ___ with you. There's nothing ___ with you. You're all right.
2. I need a urine sample. Please ___ in this cup, put the cap on, and bring it back to me. And don't forget to wash your hands!
4. The older you get, the more health ___s you have. Only a doctor can solve many of your ___s.
6. Most doctors agree that people should ___ every day to stay fit and healthy. Do you ___ every day, or are you a couch potato?
8. If something is wrong with you, you visit the ___ to see what's the matter.
12. The nurse wrapped a thin rubber tube around his left ___. She looked for a vein to stick the needle in.
13. Doctor to patient: Let me ___ you. After the exam, I will know what's wrong with you.
16. I don't have time to exercise ___ day, but I do have time to exercise ___ other day.
17. Doctor, why am I so ___d? I ___ so easily. I get ___d just from pressing the buttons on my TV remote.