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5. Paul is a man's name; ___ is a woman's name.
6. If you want ___ money, you'll have to work ___ hard.
8. Stores have holiday ___s every year. ___ prices attract shoppers.
10. A. ___, do me a favor. Take out the trash. B. Yes, dear. A. Thank you, sugar.
12. Don't take ___ for an answer. Keep trying until the customer says yes.
13. ___ is a popular store all across the USA. It's similar to Walmart and K-Mart. Its logo is a red and white bull's eye.
17. The last day of the holiday season for shopping is the day before ___.
19. A good ___man knows that the customer is always right. What's good for customers is good for ___.
20. A. Do they call it Black Friday because ___ died? B. No. No one died.


1. ___ Friday is a big sale day right after Thanksgiving Thursday. Businesses want to be "in the ___."
2. The ___ season for sales starts the day after Thanksgiving and lasts until Christmas day. Happy shopping and happy ___s!
3. No business wants to be "in the ___"; they all want to be in the black.
4. ___ holidays to all the shoppers and all the businesses!
7. ___ is a time for family and turkey dinner, but also a time for holiday sales to begin.
9. A. What do you give to a man who has ___? B.Nothing, because he already has ___.
11. ___s of businesses depend on holiday sales to put them in the black.
14. A.___ do people shop so much after Thanksgiving? B. Because everything is on sale.
15. Many people wear black when a loved one ___s. Sometimes people wear a black armband.
16. Maybe in the future, the holiday ___ for shopping willl start in September on Labor Day!
18. On Black Friday, shoppers go to all the stores and buy lots of ___ for their family and friends.