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1. Did she ___ down and hit her head on a rock?
2. She fell down, hit her head on a ___, and passed out.
4. Do some cows wear cowbells around their ___s?
5. If you're not a good swimmer, you might ___ in rough water. That would be bad.
7. Did her ___ crack open like an eggshell when it hit the rock?
9. A ___ is someone (or some animal) that saves a person's life. The cow was a ___.
11. Because it was raining, she ___ped on the wet grass and fell down.
13. Her brother was strong. He was able to ___ her all the way home in his arms.
14. If you wear a helmet, you won't hurt yourself if you ___ your head on something, like a rock.
15. A. Did Moo the cow ___ her head to ring the cowbell? B. Yes, she shook her head over and over.
16. It was raining hard. Everything and everyone were soaking ___. No one was dry.
17. A cat meows. A dog barks. A cow ___s.
18. Her ___ carried her home. She was his sister. He loved her.


1. A cow stands out in the grassy ___ eating grass.
2. The ___ kept coming down. It was a ___y day. It was ___ing all day long. Everyone got wet.
3. People put a ___ around a cow's neck so they can hear the cow when it walks.
6. Did she ___ about her cow? Was her brother worried about his sister?
8. The water in the river was getting ___. The water wouldn't get lower until the rain stopped.
10. The ___ from the heavy rain soaked into the ground.
11. Horses and cows can swim, but they're not the best ___s. (Fish are the best ___s.)
12. She ___ed out after falling down and hitting her head on a rock. She was unconscious.