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1. Did the prisoners throw ___ hot dogs at the guards? Did a prisoner throw his hot dog at a guard?
4. ___'s the mustard? ___ is the mustard for my hot dog? I can't find the mustard. ___ is it?
5. That was a good hot dog. Give me ___ one, please. The prisoners were talking to one ___ about the problem.
7. The workers were angry. They ___ed at the cook and the guards. They didn't whisper--they ___ed.
9. The cook gave only ___ hot dog to each prisoner. The prisoners threw hot dogs at ___ another.
10. Did the prisoners throw hot dogs at the ___s? Did the ___s shoot the prisoners?
12. Will they get more mustard ___ or the day after ___? If yesterday was Tuesday, then ___ will be Thursday.
14. I want ___ mustard on my hot dog. I don't have any mustard. If ___one gives me ___ mustard, I'll be happy.
16. Did the prisoners ___ their hot dogs at the guards and at one another? Did the guards catch the hot dogs and ___ them back?
18. There were ___ of hot dogs but there wasn't one drop of mustard. ___ of hot dogs were flying through the air.
20. Many people put ___ on hamburgers and other sandwiches, but nobody puts ___ on hot dogs. A hot dog should have yellow mustard on it, not white ___.
21. The ___s were in prison because they were criminals. They were yelling because there was no mustard.


2. Did you ever put mayonnaise on your ___ dog? Do you know anyone who puts "mayo" on their ___ dog?
3. They ___ out of mustard. There was no more mustard. If you run out of money, you can't buy a hot dog.
4. I can't eat a hot dog ___ mustard. I must have mustard with my hot dog.
5. Were the prisoners ___? Were they ___ because there was no mustard? Did they yell because they were ___?
6. Hot ___s are delicious, even without mustard. Just put onions and ketchup on them.
8. Hot dogs are sold ___ in America. You can find hot dogs anywhere and ___.
11. The cook told the prisoners to shut ___. He didn't want to hear their complaints.
13. Look ___! The prisoners are throwing hot dogs everywhere. They got angry after the cook ran ___ of mustard.
14. Did the cook tell the prisoners to ___ up? Did the prisoners ___ up or yell louder?
15. Ordinary yellow ___ is very popular in America, but Dijon brown ___ is popular, too. Most people put ___ on their hot dogs.
17. The ___ told the prisoners that he ran out of mustard. A good ___ makes good meals.
19. The cook said, "___ is no mustard." The prisoner said, "___'s going to be trouble." The guards said, "Come over here, and then go over ___."