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1. I missed the bus, but I wasn't late for my ___ at the doctor's.
4. I ___ on the radio that it is supposed to rain tonight.
7. My phone ___ this month was over $100!
8. Can you speak up? I can't hear you because of all the ___ in this restaurant.
9. Most people need health ___ and car ___ in case of illness or accidents.
10. The speeding truck ___ed into the car at the intersection near my house.
13. I said ___ when I saw you, but I guess you didn't hear me.
14. In New York City, they pile bags of ___ on the sidewalk for the ___ trucks to pick up.
15. I've tried everything to get my computer to work. I guess the ___ thing to do is call a technician.
16. If you see a ___, he'll be able to fix that tooth.
17. That's a great ___ to work for--they give you health, dental, and vision insurance.
18. I'll write you a ___ for the amount because I don't have enough cash on me.
19. Would you please ___ me a catalog so I can look at your products?


1. I don't ___ with you--I think we should stay in LA instead of moving.
2. A neighbor's dog attacked the ___, so we didn't get any mail today.
3. The postal service doesn't ___ mail on Sunday.
5. If you don't call that number ___, we won't be able to get tickets. That concert will sell out by tonight.
6. The government is offering people $2,000 for their old ___ cars.
11. You'd better go ___ to work if you don't want to be late.
12. I didn't have much to say to grandma, so I sent her a picture ___ instead of writing a letter.
16. If you get tired from walking upstairs, sit down or just turn around and walk ___stairs.