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3. He flicked the light ___ on, but the light didn't turn on.
5. He ___ in each screw tightly so that the glass globe would stay in place.
7. I need to change the bulb ___ it blew out.
10. A glass globe ___s the light bulb and also prevents glare.
13. There are some light bulbs in my house that I haven't ___d in years.
14. Many light bulbs have a glass ___ or a lampshade around them
15. When you remove a glass globe, you will often find bugs in the ___ of it.
19. He ___ the three screws that were holding the glass globe in place.
20. ___s and spiders make themselves at home in your home.


1. The new energy-saving ___ bulbs contain mercury; don't break them.
2. We put our ___ into ___ cans so that ___ trucks can take it to landfills.
4. He kept his extra light bulbs in his kitchen ___.
5. If you ___ a burned-out light bulb, you will hear a rattling sound.
6. Light bulbs come in many ___ shapes, sizes, and colors.
8. When a light bulb dies, it makes a ___ sound. (You know it's a dead light bulb.)
9. She turned on the light switch, but the light didn't go on. There was no popping ___, so she didn't know what the problem was.
11. You usually don't have to ___ a lampshade to change a light bulb, but you always have to ___ a glass globe.
12. People ___ their used light bulbs into the trash can.
14. A plastic globe might melt if you use a bulb with too many watts, but a ___ globe won't.
16. Some light bulbs are called ___-way bulbs; they give you 50, 100, or 150 watts of light.
17. Thomas Edison gets credit for inventing the light ___ in 1880.
18. A glass globe often has several ___ bugs in it.