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5. Don't ___ about what happened. You can't change the past. ___ing doesn't change things.
8. A ___ is someone who won. A loser is someone who lost.
9. People like you if you are a ___ and gentle person.
10. ___ is a popular board game. It is similar to chess, but not as complex.
14. ___ is an outdoor game. Players hit a ball across a net.
15. People enjoying playing ___s. Popular board ___s include checkers, chess, Monopoly, and Scrabble.
16. A ___ loser doesn't complain. He tries to do better next time he plays the game.
18. A good winner ___ brags. He ___ says, "I am the best in the world. No one can ever beat me."
19. I never win at ___. I lose at everything. I hate playing games.


1. It's not ___ whether you win or lose. What's ___ is to play the game.
2. People enjoy being around a ___ person. ___ persons say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me.
3. I'm not ___ rude. I'm ___ polite. I'm trying to get some help.
4. Some games you ___, some you lose. Some end up in a tie score.
6. ___ people make friends easily. ___ people have lots of friends.
7. I'm trying to find ___ who can teach me how to be a winner.
10. ___ is a popular and complex board game. Its pieces include pawns and rooks.
11. ___ is a fun board game. Players create new words from their tiles.
12. ___ is a fun board game. Players buy and sell property and roll dice to go around the board.
13. If you are a kind, polite, and friendly ___, other people will like you a lot.
17. Victor's ___ told him that being a good person is the most important thing to be. Victor thanked his ___.