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1. The ___ from the gun went into his foot. The doctor took the ___ out of his foot.
3. The ambulance took him to the ___ after he shot himself in the foot.
5. He bought a small gun so it would ___ in his pocket. When he put on weight, his pants didn't ___ anymore.
8. ___ movies are popular. But ___s are not popular; they are criminals. They should all be in jail.
11. Did he have a pretty ___? No, he didn't have a pretty ___ or a fat, ugly ___, either.
17. Call 911 to get an ___ to take you to the hospital.
18. He wanted to be ___, like a gangster. Many ordinary people want to be ___, but they're not; they're just ordinary. A ___ breeze is nice in summer.
20. He ___ shot himself in the foot. He didn't do it deliberately; he didn't do it intentionally.
21. Many people accidentally shoot themselves in the ___. Then they have to buy a new pair of shoes.


2. He pulled the ___ and the gun went off. He accidentally shot himself in the foot.
4. He wanted to have a ___ girlfriend. Most men think a ___ girlfriend is better than an ugly girlfriend.
6. He liked to watch gangster ___s. He went to the theater regularly. He also rented DVDs. He didn't like romantic ___s.
7. If you have a gun, don't accidentally ___ the trigger. The gangster ___ed the gun out of his pocket and robbed the bank.
9. He wanted to be ___ and have a pretty girlfriend. But he was poor and he had no girlfriend.
10. His gun was in his pants ___. His wallet was in his back ___.
12. Gangsters have many enemies. Their strongest ___ is the police.
13. A. Did he shoot himself in the foot? B. Yes, he ___ himself in the foot. How dumb was that?!
14. The ___ will arrest you if you have an unregistered handgun. So register your handgun.
15. Criminals carry knives and ___s so they can rob innocent people.
16. Is ___ the most popular store in the world? It's more popular than K-Mart and Target.
19. He accidentally ___d the gun. The gun accidentally ___d. Don't ___ your gun unless it's a life or death situation.