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1. Many people say that America is the greatest ___ in the world.
3. She is ___. She thinks only about herself. She doesn't like to share.
6. He took the citizenship test to become an ___ citizen.
7. A. ___ did you become an American citizen? B. Because I love this country!
9. He is a ___ man. He wants everything for himself. He doesn't want anyone else to have anything.
11. I'm a lucky husband to have such a wonderful ___.
12. I have never said anything ___ about you. Why do you say ___ things about me?
16. ___ can become an American citizen if they pass the interview and the test.
17. I am a brand ___ U.S. citizen. I took the oath of citizenship yesterday.
18. Some people are not ___. They don't like to wait. They are always in a hurry.


1. I will always love my country. I will never ___ my mind about that.
2. One good ___ about being a citizen is that you can vote. Another good ___ is that you can be on a jury.
4. Don't be ___. ___ people are not hard workers. ___ people prefer to stay home and watch TV all day.
5. Some people are ___. They don't have friends. They don't want friends.
8. I'm a lucky ___ to have such a wonderful wife.
10. Everyone is ___, yet everyone is the same.
13. I never wanted to become a U.S. citizen before, but now I have changed my ___. I want to become a citizen.
14. I have some ___ news for you and some bad news. Which do you want to hear first?
15. Many ___ live in America but are not U.S. citizens.