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1. A. I want to eat out tonight. What do you ___ about that? B. I ___ it's a good idea.
3. Are ___ your dirty socks on the floor over there? Please pick them up.
5. I want to buy you ___ special for our anniversary. Can you think of anything you want?
8. Don't call me any of those names ___. From now on, just call me Fanny.
11. ___ me! I forgot to pick up some milk at the market. Oh ___! I'll have to go back to the market.
13. A. Do you have a ___ name for your wife? B. Yes. My ___ name for my wife is SuperSugarSweetiePie.
15. A. I don't love you anymore. B. What do you ___ you don't love me anymore? Do you ___ we're finished?
16. My ___ pie cooked me a delicious dinner last night. That's why I love her so much.
18. I love you so much, my ___. What would I do without you?
19. A. I want to break up, if that's ___ with you. B. Of course it's not ___ with me--I love you!


2. I have a special ___ for my honey. I call her HoneyPie.
4. You are sweeter than the ___ that bees make.
5. She is sweeter than cane ___ or brown ___. She is the ___ in my coffee.
6. What did I say? I ___ I want to break up with you, that's what I ___!
7. I'm very ___d. What are you talking about? You're confusing me.
9. Are you still talking to your ___-___? I told you not to talk to her. You and she are divorced!
10. Don't ___ me any special names. You used all those special names on your ex-wife.
12. Don't call me darling; don't call me sugar, ___. Don't call me ___ name.
14. I'm ___ because you forgot our anniversary. Do you think that makes me happy?
17. ___ do you mean, you don't love me? ___'s the matter with you?