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1. He licked the ___ and then sealed it. He put a stamp on the ___ and dropped it in the mailbox.
4. He was going to give the letter to the mailman, but he changed his ___. He took the letter to the post office.
5. He put his ___ check for April into the envelope and mailed it to his landlord. People have to pay ___ every month.
7. He said ___ to the mailman when he saw the mailman. The mailman also said ___.
9. The mailman was walking ___ my building. He was walking away from the other building.
11. Was he ___ing the envelope? Was he ___ing it in his hand?
12. The rent ___ must get to the landlord by the first day of the month.
17. The envelope ___ed his rent check. The check was inside the envelope.
18. The mailman was approaching my apartment ___. I live in a two-story ___.
19. Is the rent check usually due the first ___ of the month?


1. He wrote a check ___ month to pay his rent.
2. Does the ___ expect to receive the rent check on the first of the month?
3. The mailman was walking on the ___ next to the street.
6. The James A. Farley Building is a beautiful ___ office building in New York City.
8. He looked at his ___. It was 4:15. He ___ed the mailman approach.
10. He saw the mailman drop ___ onto the sidewalk. He didn't know what it was.
13. He looked at the ___ on the wall. It said it was 4 o'___.
14. Did he open his ___ to check to see if he had any mail in his ___?
15. The ___ took the mail out of the postal truck and delivered it to all the mailboxes.
16. People go to the post ___ to buy stamps and to mail packages.