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1. Did she finally ___ asleep after staying up late? Was it summer or ___ when her cat disappeared?
5. She ___ that her cat would come home. She didn't know it; she just ___ it.
7. A. What's the ___ of your cat? B. "Kitty" is my cat's ___.
8. Her cat was always hungry in the evening. Her cat always came home to eat ___. Breakfast and ___were her cat's two meals.
11. ___ is my cat? I can't find my cat. Can anyone tell me ___ my cat is?
12. I'm ___ you can't find your cat. Maybe it will come home tomorrow.
16. She ___ fell asleep after staying up most of the night.
17. Your cat will ___ come home tomorrow. If not, we definitely must look for it.
19. She ___d the police. A policeman answered the ___.
20. No one has seen her cat. If ___ sees it, maybe they will call the police.


2. She stayed up very ___, waiting for her cat to come home.
3. She waited all night, ___ her cat never came home.
4. Did the ___ at the police station answer the phone?
6. Was her cat named ___? Does ___ rhyme with "pretty"?
9. She waited all night for Kitty to walk ___ the pet door, but Kitty never did.
10. Raccoons and mice often walk through the ___ door. They smell food inside the house.
12. She ___ed up all night. She ___ed awake all night.
13. She finally fell ___ early in the morning after staying awake most of the night.
14. Her cat ___ came home in time for dinner. It never missed dinner.
15. She was so worried about her cat that she called the ___. She didn't go to the ___ station.
18. Did her cat ___ away from home? Did someone ___ over her cat? Did tears ___ down her face?