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1. Every laundry room has at least one washing ___ and one dryer.
3. You should sing 'Happy Birthday' while washing your hands with ___ and water.
6. Moms always tell their children to wear clean ___.
7. Put on your ___s before your shoes; take off your shoes before your ___s.
8. It seems like most things are made out of ___ nowadays.
9. A ___ will begin to smell if it doesn't dry completely.
13. You have to put ___s into public washers and dryers.
14. He ___ed a capful of liquid soap into the bottom of the washer.
15. Put your dirty ___ into the ___ basket and take it to the ___ room.
17. My washer has six ___s; I put a quarter into each ___. That's $1.50 per wash.
18. A TV ad says if your ___ is 8 years old, you are sleeping with thousands of bedbugs. (Yuck!)
19. The washer won't start until you close the ___; it automatically stops when you open the ___.


2. Dry soap is in boxes; liquid soap is in plastic bottles. Boxes and bottles are ___s.
4. My keys are in my front ___, and my wallet is in my back ___.
5. Almost everyone owns a lightweight plastic laundry ___ for their dirty clothes.
7. A fitted ___ has corners to fit on the bed properly; it's also called a bottom ___.
8. A ___ protects a pillow from dirt and sweat.
10. While I washed my hands with the ___ of soap, I sang 'Happy Birthday.'
11. The little boy took a shower, put on his ___, said his prayers, and went to bed.
12. I finally found my missing sock; it was sitting in the ___ of the washer.
16. Washers and dryers have ___s that you turn or move for different settings.