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1. Clap your ___ together when you like a performance.
5. ___times I feel great, and ___times I feel bad.
8. I took a shower ___ working out.
10. This machine doesn't take ___s; you must use dollar bills.
12. I love your apple pie; can I have some ___, please?
14. I pulled on the door ___, but the door wouldn't open.
15. Please don't ___ that wooden chair; I just painted it.
17. Do you ___ the fresh paint? It has a strong ___. (Hold your nose.)
18. Go wash your hands; they are so ___.
19. Last ___ we had too much rain; I hope August is a drier ___.


1. I feel depressed; I would feel better if you gave me a big ___ and maybe a kiss too.
2. The ground ___s and buildings ___ during an earthquake. (People ___ too.)
3. I think we need to ___ the dog; he smells really bad.
4. It's too bad that we can't put all the rude ___ on a big island, where they can all be rude to each other.
6. I was ___ to my stomach, but I felt much better after I threw up.
7. Sometimes you have to ___ back when someone attacks you.
9. ___ing money is fun to have and easy to spend. After a while, all you have left is loose change.
11. They used to call kids who had silver braces on their teeth "___ mouth."
13. I don't want to wear that shirt; let me have the ___ one.
16. You can't see ___s, but you can wash many of them away with soap and water. (That way they can't give you a disease.)