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2. Stay in your ___ when you drive on a two-___ road. If you don't, you might hit a car in the other ___.
4. When you drive on a mountain road, the ___ rail keeps your car from falling off the cliff.
5. They transferred the prisoner from the city ___ to the state prison.
7. She drove her 70-year-old husband ___ to the hospital when he said he had chest pain.
10. An ___ is not cheap; a ride to the emergency room might cost $1,000.
11. The traffic cop ___ed at the man who was standing in the middle of the street.
12. A huge ___ holds back a lot of water that people use for swimming, boating, and fishing.
14. The woman ___ed when the thief grabbed her purse.
15. A rattle___ will rattle its rattles when it's upset.
18. The doctor asked, "Where does it ___? Does it ___ when I touch you here?"
19. If you get good service at a restaurant, you leave a big ___ for the waiter.
20. If you wear your seatbelt, you won't fly through the ___ if you crash into another car.


1. Two ___s in the car died. Another ___ is in the hospital. The driver was not hurt in the accident.
3. There are thousands of car ___s every week; many people get injured or die.
6. Don't be ___ to try something new. You might like it!
8. ___s are closing because too many sick people are not paying their bills.
9. I had to buy new clothes because the airline lost all my ___.
13. The hallway is so ___ that two fat people can barely squeeze past each other.
16. You can't take off your shoes and socks unless you ___ over.
17. My feet are not narrow; they are quite ___. It's hard to find shoes that fit.