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3. Michael Phelps is the greatest ___mer in the world. He ___s like a fish.
5. Lie on your back in the water, look up at the sky, ___ your arms and your legs, and you will float like a cork.
6. After a hard week at work, I'm going to enjoy my ___. I'll be at the beach Saturday and Sunday.
8. You can't lose ___ if you continue to eat too much.
9. I want to ___ one pound a week--is that possible?
10. The five salt water ___s on our planet cover 71% of the Earth's surface.
12. They say there are plenty of ___ in the sea, but they also say the ___ are disappearing from the oceans.
14. ___ I'm going to wash my car and go to the beach; Sunday I'm going to do my laundry and go to church.
16. A dead fish and a cork ___ in water.
18. Don't worry about accidents; ___ing in a plane is much safer than riding in a car.
19. The lifeguard got into the lifeguard ___ and drove it out to the middle of the lake.
20. You won't have ___ problems in the water if you just do as I say.
21. ___ the waves are only about a foot high; but we just had a big storm, so the waves are almost five feet high.


1. I'm going to take a ___ look around to see if I can find your sister. If I can't, I'm going to ask the lifeguard for help.
2. If you want to float ___ a cork, you must follow my instructions.
3. Floating is as easy as it ___; just listen to what I'm telling you to do.
4. ___ normally while you are floating; don't hold your breath.
7. I can teach anyone to float, ___ women because they have an extra layer of fat.
11. I worked hard all day, so I'm going to relax and take it easy to___.
13. Look up at the ___ while you float on your back; don't look down at your feet or at the water.
15. Swimmers ___ in the ocean because they get tired; if they float and relax, they will survive.
17. Do you feel ___? You don't look ___. You look like you're in pain.