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1. If you live in Los Angeles, you are not far from ponds, lakes, and ocean ___es.
5. Everyone loves the good ___ and hates the bad ___. The Los Angeles ___ is a popular newspaper.
6. You'd ___ be careful with that sharp knife. You might hurt yourself.
8. I ___ all my silverware in a kitchen drawer next to the sink.
11. The Ford F-150 is one ___ pickup truck; it's built to last a long time.
12. A long time ago, someone invented Wash and ___--no ironing necessary!
14. Because of the hard times, many people stay home on their ___--they call it a "staycation."
16. What's on ___ tonight? I hope it's not reruns and infomercials.
17. Win or ___, the team should be proud that they made it to the championship game.
18. The ___ of Modern Art displays photos, sculptures, and paintings.
19. I'm not ___--I'm thrifty. If you buy a ___ toy, it will break within a week.
20. They say you have to ___ money to make money.


2. When times are bad, people ___ and pray that times will change.
3. A public ___ has books and DVDs for people to borrow.
4. The ___ department is an important part of a safe community. Where's the ___?
7. Do you have an ___ quarter? I need one to put in the washing machine.
9. When is the ___ going to get better? People across the nation are losing their jobs or taking 10% pay cuts.
10. This is a great ___--the food, service, and prices are outstanding.
13. ___s must always be careful when shopping. Retailers can be tricky.
15. I love your new ___. Did you buy new shoes to go with them?