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1. A circle and a triangle have different ___s. If you are in good ___, you can walk up the stairs with no problem.
3. A circle is completely ___; a ball is completely ___.
5. A triangle has a ___ shape.
9. A ___ is like a bicycle, but it has three wheels.
10. Street signs have ___ shapes, colors, and sizes.
11. A ___ is a rectangle, but it has four equal sides.
12. A ___ is a shape that has three straight lines joined together.
14. A 60-watt light ___ has a shape similar to a question mark. Do you agree?
15. A dog chained to a pole will go round and round in a ___.
17. A bow and ___ was a popular weapon before people switched to guns.
19. ___s and tires are a basic part of cars and trucks.
20. A sidewalk is a popular place for kids to ride their ___s or bicycles.


1. If you don't stop at the stop ___, a cop might give you a ticket.
2. Tourists love to visit the ___s in Egypt.
3. I hear the church bells ___ every hour.
4. All ___s have two wheels; some ___s have two seats and four pedals.
6. Buildings and computer screens usually have a ___ shape.
7. Usually, you can't have a ___ without a bride and groom.
8. How many ___ beings can live on our planet--10 billion, 20 billion?
12. When you see an iceberg, you only see the ___--most of the iceberg is under water.
13. People keep many different ___s as pets, but the most popular are cats and dogs.
16. Most people have 10 fingers and 10 ___s.
18. A car that has a ___ shape isn't popular; people want their cars to look normal.