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1. ___ is a big problem all over the world; there are many workers, but not enough work.
5. I lost my old job, but I found a ___ job a month later.
6. ___ everywhere want to have a good job to provide for their family.
8. Do you have some ___ that I can borrow? I need $10.
11. You must ___ that hole in your boat, or it will get bigger.
12. Unemployed people are looking for ___ all over America.
15. ___ is a big country with a lot of people looking for work.
17. My dad got ___ off from his job six months ago. He's still looking for a new job.
18. I will do whatever is ___ to find a good job. I must support my family.
19. The big company announced 2,000 ___s because of the poor economy. Those 2,000 people will have to find new jobs.
20. Some people go to the ___ and eat buttered popcorn to forget about their problems.
21. You lost your job? That's not a ___ problem--that's a big problem!
22. ___ is an amusement park in California; it's the "happiest place on Earth." (And the home of Mickey Mouse.)


2. I have ___ idea how I'm going to survive; I have ___ job and ___ money.
3. More than 100 people stood in a long ___ to apply for a dishwashing job.
4. How many more ___ can go wrong? Absolutely nothing is going right for me.
7. Spain, France, and Germany are three big countries in ___.
9. ___ is a big country with more than one billion people. It hosted the 2008 Olympics.
10. The pencil ___ stopped making pencils because no one was buying the pencils.
13. I think you'll need your umbrella ___ the weatherman said it might rain.
14. A ___ is a time of layoffs and lost jobs. Many people cannot find work.
16. A ___aire is a person who has at least one ___ dollars. Some ___s become billionaires.