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1. The ___s all cheered when their team won the game.
3. Nothing is ___ anymore; everything is expensive.
4. It was a very ___ game; the final score was 109 to 108.
6. The announcer introduced ___ player before the game started.
8. Most big cities have a large sports ___ for basketball and hockey games.
10. You can watch a basketball game at ___s Center in Los Angeles, but you can't buy any ___s there for your ___r.
13. After a big game, people will ___ to one another about the exciting parts of the game.
15. The ___ day I saw two men arguing with each ___.
16. The Staples ___ in Los Angeles is the home of two basketball teams.
17. A new coin is clean and ___; after people pass it around for a few weeks, it becomes dirty and dull.


1. Every ___ in Los Angeles is full of slow-moving traffic at rush hour.
2. There was a ___ accident on the freeway last night; six people died.
4. If a restaurant is ___ed every day, it usually means that the food is excellent.
5. You don't see many short people playing professional ___; most players are very tall.
7. Basketball ___s and tennis ___s can be outdoors or indoors.
9. The subways in Manhattan go uptown, midtown, and ___.
11. Professional basketball ___ are very tall and very rich.
12. If you have ___ vision, you need to wear glasses.
14. Very few people get ___ playing the lottery; most people get ___ by working hard.