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3. I gave her a $10 bill and she gave me a ___ of quarters.
5. At a casino. they have plastic ___s for you to keep your loose change in.
9. The hungry gambler ate a banana and then an ___ while he played the slot machine.
11. If you win a lot in Vegas, you will go ___ happy; if you lose, you'll go ___ sad.
13. Some people think there isn't ___ to do in Las Vegas except gamble.
14. A slot ___ in a casino will give you a little bit of your money back every once in a while.
15. If you see three cherries in a row on the slot machine ___, you have won some money.
16. Go to any ___ in a casino to buy rolls of coins for the slot machines.


1. Some casinos have thousands of ___ machines for guests to enjoy.
2. A ___ or an apple is a popular symbol on a slot machine.
4. A good evening in a casino makes you feel like a winner; a bad evening makes you feel like a ___.
5. For his 40th ___, his wife gave him a hotel reservation for Las Vegas.
6. Your ___ of winning at the roulette table is almost 50% if you bet on black or red.
7. He broke open the roll of ___ and started feeding them into the slot machine three at a time.
8. A crazy ___r will ___ his money on all kinds of crazy bets.
10. You play blackjack with ___ playing cards and ___ chips; your mixed drink is in a ___ cup.
11. Old-style slot machines used to have a single ___ to pull down on--that's why they called them "one-armed bandits."
12. Las Vegas developers build a new ___ for gamblers every year or two.