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1. Tiger Woods won 70 golf ___s before he turned 34 years old.
3. If you are an excellent high school golfer, you might get a 4-year ___ to college.
6. The student was in the ___ 10 of his graduating class. His parents were very proud of him
9. If you can't afford the ___s of college, try to get a scholarship.
11. Both my son and my ___ were able to get a scholarship to college.
14. ___s love to play golf on golf courses all over the world.
15. After she ___d from college, she got a job as an assistant golf pro.
17. If you want to be a ___, you have to try hard and work hard. Then you will be ___ful.
18. It's rude to ___ up the phone without saying goodbye.
19. PGA stands for ___ Golfers Association. It's not for amateurs.


1. Students on the high school golf ___ usually become good friends.
2. Tiger Woods ___ finishes in the top 10 of every tournament that he enters.
4. There are usually 18 ___s on a golf course--9 on the front, and 9 on the back.
5. --Does every ___ in the world have at least one golf course? --I don't think so.
7. She's the best ___ golfer in the world. She can beat every other female golfer.
8. He ___d a scholarship from the college because he was such a good golfer.
10. People will ___ back at you if you give them a friendly ___; they will not ___ if you frown at them.
12. I am ___ of my daughter because she won a scholarship to college.
13. People who are friendly usually have many ___. Then don't have many enemies.
14. Tiger Woods is the greatest ___er of all time.
16. Tiger Woods ___s all over the world to play in golf tournaments.