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5. Children love to ride their skateboards and ___s.
7. If you ___ off your bicycle, you might hurt yourself.
8. The little boy was very ___ because someone had stolen his bike.
10. Children must learn how to ___ on two wheels; ___ is not a problem when you have 3 or 4 wheels.
11. If you say that something "___s," you mean that you don't like it.
16. The lawmakers ___ed a new law.
17. The speeding car ___ the bicyclist.
18. They put the bicyclist into the ambulance and drove to the ___ room at the hospital.
20. A helmet ___s your head from injury.
21. A good skateboarder usually enjoys ___ing in the mountains in winter.


1. We don't want other parents to ___ like Ed's parents ___ed. They lost their only son.
2. ___ 911 in an emergency.
3. In winter, kids like to sit on their ___s and ride them down snowy slopes.
4. The car went through the stop ___ and ran into the kid on his bicycle.
6. ___s protect people's heads from injury.
9. A ride in an ___ to the emergency room is no fun.
12. The boy riding the bike ___ed at the dog because it was trying to bite him.
13. ___s in the state capital pass laws to protect people from crime and from accidents.
14. The head of a state is called the ___; the head of a city is called the mayor.
15. My next door ___ dialed 911 when he saw the car hit my son.
19. Most city streets have ___s which rise up to the sidewalks.