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1. I'll never get married again. I've ___ done it once, and once is enough.
3. --Do you love me? Do you ___ love me? --Yes, I ___, ___ love you very, very much.
6. I already ___ that I won't marry you. Why are you asking me again?
7. She talked and talked, and he ___ded his head to show that he agreed with her ('Yes, dear').
10. You ___n't marry someone that you don't love. You ___ always marry someone you love.
12. It's just ___ time to leave, so start telling everyone goodbye.
13. You want a divorce?! You're ___ me, right? Tell me you're just joking.
16. No, that's not ___; that's completely wrong. Try it again.
18. Do you love me as ___ as you love yourself?
19. My wife is going to ___ me if I don't stop golfing on the weekends. She wants me to spend the weekends with her.
20. Why are you saying ___ already? I just got here.
21. 'Octomom' is the mother of eight ___ born at the same time. (Plus, she has six older children!)


2. 'Octomom' has no job and isn't married. How can she ___ eight babies and six older children?
4. Of course we can't start a family. We can't ___ afford cable TV. How could we afford a couple of kids?
5. I want to marry you, but we need to talk about a couple of things ___.
8. I won't marry you unless we have two kids--a boy and a girl. Is that ___ with you?
9. Did you ___ what day it is? It's our anniversary day! Don't go out and buy a present now. It's too late. Just ___ it!
11. I love you; I want us to spend the rest of our lives ___ under the same roof.
14. I'm ___ to leave my wife if she doesn't stop spending all my money on new clothes and shoes.
15. ___ you have a better idea, let's rent a DVD and watch it at home tonight.
17. Sooner or ___, most people in love get married or break up.
18. --I love you, but I'm not in love with you. --Huh? What do you ___? I don't understand.