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1. Large supermarkets usually have shopping ___s for customers to use.
3. You can make a ___ out of anything if you have two slices of bread--ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and more.
4. Some people prefer to eat ___ed peanuts because they don't have to break open the peanut ___s.
5. She bought a bag of peanuts, a box of cookies, and a ___ of sliced ham.
7. --Do you sell peanuts in this store? --___, we do.
9. The peanuts are down aisle 5. They're ___ to the potato chips.
10. You don't pull a shopping cart--you ___ it.
12. Customers usually look for the best quality or the best ___. (They usually get one or the other, but not both.)
13. ___s of peanut butter come in different sizes--small, medium, and large.
14. You'll find fresh fish at the ___ of aisle 6--just go all the way to the ___ of the aisle.
17. Salted ___s, unsalted ___s, boiled ___s, roasted ___s, and raw ___s--they're all delicious.
18. I bought a pound of sliced Virginia ___ at the deli. I'm going to make a ___ and cheese sandwich with brown mustard.
20. The ___ of the supermarket makes sure that the employees are polite to all the customers.


2. Large supermarkets have many ___s containing different food items. Customers walk up and down the ___s.
3. I don't eat ___ nuts because the salt is bad for my high blood pressure.
5. ___ chips are a popular snack; a baked ___ is popular as part of an evening meal.
6. Potato ___s come in different flavors, including ranch, sour cream and onion, barbecued, and salt and vinegar.
8. Put three ___s of ham and one ___ of cheese on two ___s of bread, add mustard, and you have a delicious sandwich. (Maybe add a ___ or two of onion.)
11. ___ people eat healthful food. Un___ people often prefer to eat junk food, and they don't exercise much either.
12. A ___ started "life" as a cucumber. Sweet or dill ___s are delicious with sandwiches.
15. Read the ___ on a jar or package of food. The ___ gives you important information about the food inside the container.
16. You can buy raw peanuts and ___ them yourself in your oven.
19. The green apples are in the produce section next to the oranges. They're easy to find--you can't ___ them.