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1. I ___ we should leave now; we're ___d to be home by midnight.
4. I don't have very ___ time or money. How about you?
6. Don't ever ___ the house without your keys and wallet.
8. A ___ plane is much faster than a plane with a single propeller.
11. The two planes almost bumped into each other on the ___ at the airport.
13. The winter ___ will melt by tomorrow; let's go make a ___man before it's too late.
14. LAX is the Los Angeles ___, and JFK is the New York ___.
16. The TV ___man said it would be hot and sunny all week.
19. I was up all night; I didn't fall asleep until early this ___.
20. She ___ gets upset; she has a very even temper and a lot of patience.


2. Before you board a ___, security makes sure you have no weapons.
3. She's a very ___ driver; she's never been in an accident or gotten a ticket.
5. It was a loud ___; I heard the cars hit each other from a block away.
7. ___ who plays the lottery hopes they will win it.
9. I went out to my car, but ___ I remembered my wallet was in the house.
10. The 14-year-old girl was the only ___ who survived the plane crash.
12. I ___ all my life to meet a woman like you. I'm glad that I ___.
15. The ___s who fly the small passenger jets make only $30,000 a year.
17. What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What makes you ___? What makes you sad?
18. This narrow ___ is dangerous; don't drive on it at night.