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1. She sat on her sofa, put her feet up on the coffee table, and ___ed back.
3. She didn't want to watch the news. She used the remote to switch ___s.
5. Many people have a coffee ___ in their living room. They put magazines, food, and their feet on the coffee ___.
7. Whether they are alive or ___, people are an important part of TV news.
9. She looked all over for the remote. She ___ed it up when she found it under a magazine.
10. In the beginning, TV shows were live. Now most TV shows are taped or are ___s (which they show over and over).
12. People love ___s, because ___s tell funny jokes and stories that make people laugh and feel good.
14. In the beginning, TVs didn't have a remote control. Today, a remote makes it very ___ to change channels.
18. You are so ___! Have you ever thought about becoming a comedian?
19. He moved the antenna around to get better reception, but the reception got ___.
20. Don't ___; be happy! Don't be such a ___wart. What, me ___? (Alfred E. Neuman)
21. He always watches the news on TV. ___ he watches golf tournaments. He never watches talk shows.
22. The man ___ed his ex-wife and set her house on fire.
23. TV news can be ___ing because it's often about disasters, death, disease, and war.


2. Every year in the US, more than 40,000 people die in traffic ___s.
3. When she was a ___, she used to ride her tricycle around the coffee table.
4. He said dropping out of school was the worst mistake he had ever made in his ___.
6. Most of the people on the plane died in the crash, but two were still ___.
8. It's hard to ___ when you are worried about paying the rent and feeding your kids.
11. --What's the ___? --The remote doesn't work. It won't change the channels.
13. A high school ___ is an important piece of paper. It shows you are a good student and a hard worker.
15. She bought her ___ a new flat-screen TV for his birthday.
16. I'm going to hit the ___ after this party is over. I need to drive home and get some sleep.
17. The ___ control is used with TVs and many other electronic devices.