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2. The officer said he couldn't ___ the man until he committed a crime.
5. She looked out her window and saw a suspicious-looking man walking past her ___.
6. She looked in her ___ view mirror and saw the man walk up a driveway.
9. She looked in her rear view ___ to see what the man was doing.
11. The police depend on the ___s in each neighborhood to report crime and criminals.
14. The man is a ___! He's just looking for something to steal.
15. She thought that he tested the door ___ to see if the car was locked.
17. It's not against the ___ to look like a criminal; it's against the ___ to act like a criminal.
18. We have a ___, quiet neighborhood and we don't want people like him walking around in it.
19. You can't ___ a book by its cover, and you can't ___ a man by his clothes.
21. She was watching him in the rear view mirror, when he ___ disappeared. Where did he go, she wondered.
23. She ___d that he had walked up the driveway to see if the car was unlocked so that he could steal something from it.
24. Don't call me if you think he's going to steal something. Call me if you ___ see him stealing something.
26. She ___d the man to the police officer; he knew who the man was.
27. Don't judge a book by its ___; don't judge someone by their looks or their clothes.
28. She drove down the street to the ___ and then she turned around.


1. He's a thief; he just walks through the neighborhood looking for houses or cars to ___ into.
2. Isn't it ___ the law to walk up someone's driveway? Isn't that trespassing?
3. She ___ that the legal system was a mess. She couldn't prevent a crime; she had to wait until the crime happened, and then report it.
4. The ___ (Sport Utility Vehicle) was parked in the driveway. The stranger tested the driver's door to see if the ___ was locked.
7. There was no ___ for pedestrians on that side of the street. Pedestrians had to walk on a dirt path.
8. After she passed by the stranger, she ___d to drive down to the corner.
10. He looks like a thief or some type of ___. There's something wrong about him.
12. What would drivers do without rear ___ mirrors? They are almost as convenient as remote controls for TV sets.
13. The police ___ told the woman that the man was a homeless person; the police had arrested him several times.
16. We know who he is. Residents ___ that he is walking around in their neighborhood several times a week.
20. She stopped watching him for just a second, and he disappeared. Which ___ did he go? Then she saw him again; he was walking in her ___.
21. Don't leave your purse where he can see it; he will probably try to ___ it.
22. She ___ by the evil-looking man; he smiled at her. She stepped on the gas.
25. Always ___ your car doors, even if you are leaving your car for only a few seconds. Thieves are everywhere.