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5. A tornado will ___ everything in its path; nothing is left standing. Destruction is everywhere.
6. I think I'll take a nice hot bath in my ___, instead of taking a shower.
9. If you live near the ___ tracks, you will hear the trains passing by.
10. Here--take this ___ and dry yourself off after your shower.
12. If you hear a ___ joke, you will laugh. If it's not ___, you won't laugh.
14. I live next to the railroad ___s, and I see and hear the trains go by every couple of hours.
17. A ___ is a violent wind storm. It can destroy many things, just like a hurricane.
18. The town has a tornado ___. It is really loud, and it warns residents that a tornado is approaching.
19. If a tornado is approaching, grab your children and your ___s and head for cover.
20. When a tornado ___es the ground, it destroys everything it ___es.


1. Don't ___ up into a tree if a tornado is coming; get into a ditch or a basement.
2. The whole house went up into the air and pieces of it ___ed to the ground.
3. Look how dark the sky is--I don't know if it's a thunder___ or a tornado.
4. Let's ___ all the children and the pets immediately; we must get to a safe place.
6. The tornado ___ed the old wooden bridge into a thousand little pieces. The bridge simply exploded.
7. The tornado took the ___ off the house, but the walls and the rest of the house were untouched.
8. The tornado damaged one of the tires on my car. I opened the ___ and took out my spare tire.
11. Everyone heard the tornado siren; it blasted a ___ing to take cover immediately.
12. A tornado looks like a black ___ coming out of the sky.
13. Nothing on the ___ or above the ___ is safe when a tornado approaches.
15. The tornado picked up one car and ___ed it into another car.
16. You should head for ___ if you know that a tornado is approaching.