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4. A woman usually puts her keys and wallet into her ___.
6. Many ___s in NYC do not have laundry rooms in their buildings. They have to walk to a laundromat.
7. Don't add ___ soap to the washing machine. The clothes won't rinse properly.
13. If you can't ___ whether to wash your clothes in hot or cold water, always select cold water.
14. Which ___ion should I ___ to wash my socks and underwear? ___ "White"--that will give you hot water and a long spin.
16. Can a real ___ agent make a lot of money renting apartments in New York City?
19. Her purse was ___ because it was full of keys, papers, and other stuff. It weighed 10 pounds!
20. No one likes to do the ___. Some day all clothes will be made of paper, and we won't have to wash them.


1. A husband and ___ should help each other with everything.
2. Did you ___ the white clothes from the colored clothes? Don't wash them together.
3. Empty all the ___ out of all the pockets before you do the laundry.
4. He was so ___ of his wife when she passed the real estate exam.
5. A ___ estate agent in NYC shows apartments to people who are about to move.
8. FBI ___. IRS ___. Real estate ___. Secret ___. Business ___. Talent ___.
9. If you wash colored clothes with ___ clothes in hot water, you will be sorry.
10. Put all the dirty clothes into the plastic laundry ___ and take the ___ to the laundry room.
11. You should wash ___ clothes in cold water, or the colors will bleed.
12. ___iphobes are afraid of ___s. They wash their hands frequently and don't shake hands with others.
15. Did you put your dirty ___ into the laundry basket?
17. Did you ___ all your money on new dresses and shoes?
18. You can ___ most germs with hot water and soap. The germs will not survive.