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3. She was soaking ___ from being outside in the storm.
5. She had brought her umbrella to use in the rain___. It was a ___y day.
6. He tried to ___ her broken umbrella.
7. She took off her wet clothes and changed into ___ clothes.
8. She was using her ___ to find good umbrellas online.
9. Did she pay a lot of ___ for the umbrella?
13. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain was ___ sideways.
15. Her clothes were ___ing wet from all the rain.
16. She wanted to get inside because it was raining hard ___.
18. Had she ___ a lot of money for the umbrella?
19. He ___d the two umbrellas to see if they were similar.
20. He spent several ___, not minutes, trying to fix the umbrella.


1. He took the umbrella from the living room into the ___ to try to fix it.
2. The wind blew so hard that it turned her ___ inside out and broke it.
4. It was so ___ that leaves and paper were blowing everywhere.
10. He carefully ___d the umbrella to find out where it was broken.
11. He used a pair of ___ to twist the metal spring on the umbrella.
12. Were her ___ soaking wet from all the rain?
14. He ___bed a pair of pliers and tried to fix the umbrella.
15. It was so windy that the rain was falling ___ instead of straight down.
17. He couldn't fix the umbrella, so he threw it in the ___.