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1. Did the plane make an ___ landing on the beach?
3. The ___ are a famous band from England. Ringo Starr was the drummer.
4. On a clear night, you can see the moon and many ___s.
6. There was a problem with the engine; the plane had to make an ___ landing.
7. He ___ed listening to The Beatles. They were his favorite group.
8. There was no one else to run with, so he ran by ___.
9. People take their ___s with them so they can listen to their favorite music everywhere.
10. A one-engine ___ has to land if the engine isn't working properly.
12. No one was in front of him, but a plane was ___ him.
14. It was a ___ night; he put on a warm jacket.
15. He was ___ing at a hotel near the beach.
16. Many travelers were staying at the big ___ near the beach.
17. He never knew what ___ him; he died instantly.


2. He died ___ when the plane hit him from behind. He didn't live for even one minute.
5. He liked to ___. He always put on his ___ning shoes before he went ___ning.
7. A two-___ plane can still fly if one ___ isn't working properly.
8. Running is good for your ___. ___y people exercise regularly.
10. The ___ of the plane had to make an emergency landing on the beach.
11. He ran by himself because there was no one ___ to run with.
12. Could he hear the ocean waves hitting the sandy ___?
13. It was a ___ night at the beach; there was no light because there was no moon.