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3. Stores sell many items in plastic ___s that are hard to open.
7. Garlic and onion are strong ___s that stay on your breath.
8. She had ___ her wrist, but she kept using her hand. Her wrist wasn't getting better.
9. Can you ___ many accidents and injuries by being careful?
10. There was no ring on her ring ___.
12. She said that the wrist wrap ___ed like rubber. She didn't like the odor.
17. Her wrist wasn't broken. Maybe the pain was from nerve ___.
18. The wrist wrap covered only the wrist; it didn't cover the ___ or the four fingers.
19. He bought a wrist ___ to go around her wrist and protect it.
20. The ___ wrist wrap had a ___ odor because it was made out of ___.


1. He bought another wrist wrap that was labeled "anti-___." It protected against bacteria.
2. Perhaps her wrist hurt because of tendon or ___ damage.
3. He thought that the anti-bacterial wrist wrap would be just ___. She'll love it, he thought.
4. She refused to see a ___ about her injured wrist.
5. Did he go to the 24-hour ___ to buy something to make her wrist feel better?
6. She said the "No Odors" wrist wrap smelled worse ___ the other wrap.
11. She didn't know how she injured her ___, but it hurt whenever she bent it.
13. ___ she had hurt her wrist when she carried the laundry basket downstairs.
14. Maybe a doctor would have ___d her wrist with some kind of wrist ___.
15. The wrist wrap did not cover the thumb, fingers, or ___ of the hand.
16. Of ___ she could smell the rubber; she had a nose like a dog.