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1. Was the Borders store only about six ___s away?
6. ___ is a popular bookstore, like Barnes & Noble.
8. He walked west one block, and then ___ a few more blocks.
9. He put his name and ___ on the back of the postcard.
11. The post office was at the ___ of 33rd and 8th.
13. People buy over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs at a ___.
14. He walked into a ___ store, but he didn't want to buy any alcohol.
15. He finally ___d to walk to Borders; it was a good decision.
19. He crossed his ___s and wished himself good luck.
20. He dropped the postcard into the mail ___ inside the post office.


2. Did he ___ his fingers for good luck?
3. He couldn't find a store that sold ___s. He needed a ___, not a letter in an envelope.
4. He had ___en the deadline by an hour. He was pleased.
5. The ___ to send in the postcard was at 5 o'clock that day.
7. He walked out of the post ___ and tried to find a postcard.
10. The clerk in the liquor ___ told him to buy a postcard at the post office.
12. He left the post office at about 3:00. He ___ed there at about 4:00.
15. He ___ped the postcard into the mail slot at the post office.
16. The ___ in the liquor store thought that the post office sold postcards.
17. A. ___ the post office sell postcards? B. No, it ___n't now, but it used to.
18. The expensive postcard would be ___ it if he saved thousands of dollars in rent.