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1. Did the caller ask if he had a ___ minutes to talk?
2. She said her call wouldn't be long; it would last only a few ___s.
5. Imagine the rungs of a ___; the top rung is No. 5, and the bottom rung is No. 1.
8. It was a ___ poll, not just statewide.
10. Does your job ___ you, or are you unsatisfied with it?
11. Do you think your life will get ___ or worse?
12. You put your hands and feet on the ___s of a ladder to climb it.
14. The ___ on the phone identified herself after she said hello.
16. He didn't ___ his phone company; he thought it would try to cheat him.
18. She was taking a nationwide ___ about people's satisfaction with their lives.


1. ___ of all, how long is this poll going to take? This is the ___ time a pollster has called me.
3. It's hard to ___ something if you have little imagination.
4. She asked if he was talking on his cell ___.
6. Maybe his phone company would make him pay for ___ing charges if it was an out-of-state call.
7. ___s try to find out what Americans are thinking every week of the year.
9. He didn't want to pay roaming ___s to his phone company.
11. Some people fall to the ___ after reaching the top.
13. He ___ up the phone after he started worrying about roaming charges.
14. Everywhere you go, you see people talking on their ___ phones.
15. Do you think your ___ will be better 5 years from now? Have you had a good ___?
17. Use number 5 for the ___ rung of the ladder, and number 1 for the bottom rung.